Live in health and budding wellness with peace and satisfaction as your daily experience.

Join mind/body/spirit therapist, Tami Boehle-Satterfield for this 3 week workshop is intensified and designed to expedite healing and greater self-awareness for creating the life you want to live.  Each week includes multiple educational emails with practice work, direct email access to Tami for Q&A, and one group distance energy session.

Having a reciprocal relationship of sharing your inner-worlds, as well as your outer-worlds, requires trust and respect.  A loving relationship contains both practiced faithfully with grace and fortitude.  The vibration of such beliefs and practices is the sustentation of life.

Working with the moon

Join mind/body/spirit therapist, Tami Boehle-Satterfield for this 6 week workshop designed to assist you in creating loving relationships in your life.  Each week includes educational information, practices for greater insight, a live one hour question and answer, session and analysis of relationship styles via viewing major motion pictures.

change your brain levels i, ii, iii

Join mind/body/spirit therapist, Tami Boehle-Satterfield for this 3 part workshop designed to assist you in l new neuro-pathways for healing and wellness.  Each 6 week part includes educational information and 2 live one hour Q & A, and practice sessions.

Sharing your inner and outer world with a partner is a rewarding aspect of a loving relationship.
Research suggests that mindfulness exerts its effects in components of attention regulation, body awareness and emotional regulation.
Studies have also shown that the attribute of consciousness promotes well-being and reduces rumination and worry which contribute to mental and physical illness.

Learn the fundamentals for mindful living through the practices of the proprietary modality called Attention To Living.  Attention To Living was conceived and developed by licensed therapist Tami Boehle-Satterfield.  Through extensive and life long research, Tami has put together a model for living that is based in the creative process, accounts for what people find important at the realization of their mortality, provides practical and easy application for daily living, and is rich in and well supported by cutting edge brain research.  The model is rooted in the philosophy of Deep Ecology which considers a person as valuable and influential from the cellular to the cosmic levels.

Expect to receive a weekly email with educational information and group feedback regarding the learning process.  Each week includes a 1 hour live question, answer, and practice session with hypnosis for confidence building.

Expect to understand and practice new ways of thinking, release irrational beliefs, mind your emotional-rational brain response to stay in the flow of living, and understand in mind, body, and spirit that your life is full of opportunity.

living with attention mindfully

Cut through the illusions of control and take ownership of the tremendous power in the influence you have.
This workshop is NOT about astrology, but utilizes the natural astrological occurrences as a learning tool to practice new ways of thinking and new practical skills.  Brain research shows that it can be easier to create neuro-pathways when practice occurs outside of established patterns of thought.  Think of the moon cycle as akin to an exotic land; it is a great place to go and discover a new side of yourself.

Are you at the beginning of the process of changing your thinking?  Or, would you like to deepen your practice?  Working in conjunction with a natural cycle, such as the cycle of the new moon, is an easy way to either begin to practice or deepen your practice of changing the way you think and creating a new reality.  Think of it as a natural "classroom."  It is a library of information that is always available and open to your study.  The cycle offers an intense focus for a short duration of time.  This intense focus can increase the outcome; in other words, you move farther faster.  Additionally, there is benefit from working in a group.  It can also accelerate your progress, as you can benefit from the work of others.

You can expect education, tools, and instruction for practices to change your thinking and begin creating your own reality – direct to your email, personalized feedback from Tami, as well as access to other participant's workshop experience to deepen your understanding,  one distance group energy session for deep relaxation and assimilation of the workshop experience, and two live question and answer sessions.

Imagine the ability to create what you want in your life.  Imagine the ability to respond with confidence to the opportunities and the obstacles in your life. Imagine the ability to experience your day to day life as well as the special moments of your life without inhibition or distraction, but with complete attention.  Imagine the ability to let go of your life experiences as they conclude and welcome new possibilities for joy and satisfaction.

Level I:  You will learn enough about the brain to understand and employee techniques and practices that will allow you to change your thinking and experience more confidence.

Level II:  You will deepen your understanding of the powerful influence of your brain/body intelligence and how it is affect by your belief system. You will learn how to utilize bilateral brain functioning to stay present and in the flow of what you want from life, as well as how to move gracefully through disappointment, turbulence, pain and trauma in life.  

Level III:  You will deepen the concepts and practices of levels I and II.  You will learn advanced techniques for problem solving and shifting out of negative thinking.  You will learn how to practice trust in yourself and others and utilize the Laws of Attraction in order to live your life in collaboration with others and the world around you. 

understanding love & intimacy

Join mind/body/spirit therapist, Tami Boehle-Satterfield for this 6 week workshop designed to assist you in living more mindfully for a richer life experience that includes joy and creativity.  Each week includes educational information, guided practice in techniques for practical application, hypnosis for confidence via a live one hour question, answer, and practice session.

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?  Do you know what you believe about love?  Do you know what love is?  Many people don't really know what they believe about love or what they think it is.  It is hard to participate, let alone attract something you don't understand.  Love is a complex experience that requires, at it's foundation, intimacy.  

If you are looking for love or looking to enrich the love experiences presently in your life, this workshop is for you.  You can expect to learn the hidden and not so-hidden things that you believe and know about love.  You will learn how to determine if what you think about love is useful to you.  You will learn about the fundamental experience of love and what resistance you may have to the true experience of love. You will learn what intimacy is and how to begin practicing it in order to attract love.  With a clearer understanding and the ability to keep good perspective, it will be easier to attract and develop deeply loving relationships.  In answer to Tina Turner's question, love has everything to do with it.

​Meet in-person ​​in the Boulder, Longmont, Denver Colorado area, or virtually from anywhere for psychotherapy, coaching and hypnosis for anxiety, addictions, performance and pain. 

Recent scientific research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental and present-moment awareness changes the brain and affects brain areas related to perception, body awareness, pain tolerance, emotion regulation, introspection, complex thinking, and sense of self.  By changing your brain you can literally change your life. 
Looking at the world from many different perspectives gives you more options and makes it easier to make sense of things.