Most coaches differentiate themselves from therapists because they are not qualified to address mental health issues.  Coaching, like solution-oriented therapy, explores issues of dissatisfaction, probes mental functioning for inconsistencies and outdated programming, and strives to regulate emotional responses.  The benefit of working with a professional who has a background in both means that your coach will recognize when issues concerning motivation or confidence may involve more than strategy.  A coach with mental health experience, like Tami, can provide services seamlessly that span the breadth of coaching to mental health. 

While your coach's credentials and skill are important, good rapport is as much a key to the success of a good coaching. The coaching relationship is involved and personal.  You want a coach who understands the way you think and your communication style. You also want to feel comfortable enough to share your goals, fears, and perceived liabilities; after all, it is likely that the latter two are your challenge. Someone who is trained in identifying and resolving problems from the perspective of both a coach and therapist can be the best of both worlds. 

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Raised in a small family business, Tami cut her teeth first on the importance of innovation and then on the value of determination.  Her unique work experience as an entrepreneur and her professional training in the psychology of the mind has afforded her the confidence of executives in large and small organizations, small business operators, writers, musicians, artists and athletes.  Before helping people lower their golf handicap or raise their net worth, Tami has been helping people find joy, creativity and satisfaction in the beauty of their lives in a myriad of ways for as long as she can remember.  

In the coaching alliance, our dynamic coaching sessions will be driven by your goals, and our work together will be highly collaborative and client-centered.  While you set the goals, Tami will provide education and strategies specific to your targeted ambition. Our partnership will utilize curious inquiry to maximize strategies for achieving personal, professional, and community ambitions. 

Solutions and strategies will be discovered through the directed use of your creative process.  Sometimes people worry that they are not creative.  This just isn't so, but it may be true that you might not recognize your creative potential, as it might not present itself in an art form.  Tami will help you understand how you are a creative individual and the ways you currently utilize your creative problem solving skills. Our work together will illuminate for you the well of creativity you already possess, how it informs your thinking and how you can better access it for ease of use.  Enhancing those skills will provide you more resources will help you flip the switch of being willing to succeed as opposed to resigned to failure. 

Coaching sessions are task-focused and involve concrete action plans that are designed to help you meet your specific goal. Coaching conversations are directive and structured around the progress you are making, including your successes and your stumbling blocks.  When necessary, strategies or goals are finessed to better facilitate successful change.  Hypnosis is the perfect tool in coaching, as it easily reveals and explores the unconscious thoughts you have that may be preventing you from improving your performance anywhere in life -- from the putting green to the boardroom to the bedroom.  

Hypnosis in coaching can be very helpful when coaching towards a targeted plan of action requires personal development and/or life changes to meet present and future performance goals.  If you find yourself unmotivated or lacking focus within a specific goal, hypnosis is a great liberator of your confidence and desire to succeed.​

       You can expect that:

  • You will establish your goals and determine the obstacles.
  • You will learn new and more effective ways to communicate with yourself and others. 
  • You will change your thinking in complete favor of improved performance.
  • You will understand how to recognize lifestyle choices that support performance.
  • You will be practice strategies for change as well as strategies that provide you psychological support during the course of change.
  • You will carry out recommended exercises, readings, practices, and actionable items weekly for successful and lasting results that provide significant increase in performance.
  • You will feel competent and responsible to action, accountability, and follow-through.

Coaching addresses your targeted goals and directs specific change through strategies.

motivation and performance

Imagination is key to motivation and motivation is critical to successful performance.   Albert Einsein once said, "Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions."  If you can see it, you can be it.

Coaching is a collaborative experience that provides you with the parameters for your own personal learning environment and is tailored to provide you education, structure, and practice for meeting your own personal goals.

Coaching will help you change the way you think in order to see the most efficient path to meet your goals.  It will help you meet your goals faster in a supportive and safe environment.  While training you in a new framework for thinking that provides you more opportunity to experience successful sooner, coaching will enhance your communication with yourself and others, allowing you to learn how to have tough conversations with yourself and others that are naturally the foundation of good relationship building.  

Coaching addresses your targeted goals and directs specific change through strategies that are more focused and less fluid. With organization of so many moving parts, coaching provides you integrity in your commitment to your goal and the belief that it is probable. This means you can do what you say.  Such integrity will inspire your future endeavors as well as those around you.

Through the experience of coaching, you will create your own personal learning environment.  With a commitment to success through weekly work activities that move the process of change along a fast track to new skills and behaviors that deliver the results you are looking for.  

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Change your mind and change your performance with a coach trained in cutting edge brain techniques and performance psychology.

Critical concepts to the success of goal accomplishment are:

self-awareness, consistent and clear expectations, accountability to yourself, collaboration of your efforts, appreciation of the process, and a strong sustainability plan.

Endeavors, like your career, your golf game, your PR for the latest marathon or triathlon, the novel you are writing, the solo painting exhibition you are preparing for, managing your financial goals, taking your band on tour, or improving your performance as a parent or partner, are complex and involve thoughtful strategies. Professional guidance, directives, and support can provide what was previously the missing piece to reaching these goals.  

Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify your own strengths or liabilities in performance issues.  As a performance coach, Tami can assist you in developing a solid strategic plan and provide guidance through the process of reaching your goal.  High-level executives, Mr. and Mrs. moms, and individuals striving for their personal best records all benefit from good prioritization and time management of their workflow to provide greater opportunities for utilization of practices that allow them to reach their greater goals.  Previously, without a performance coach, you may have found that you never had the opportunity or time to implement the thing you want most to do.  It may always fall to the bottom of your list.  Tami can help you find the time for what is important to you.

No matter the context of coaching -- motivational, life, love, health, sports, or career -- it is all about performance.  Performance coaching that considers the integration of your whole life is critical to enjoying the success you create.  Your work, relationships, health, spirituality, money, family, and community are all facets of who you are.   Often, changes in one dimension of life may mean changes in other aspects.  Tami will help your goals be congruent to your whole life. 

A coach trained in human psychology can provide you the best opportunity for well-rounded success.

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