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Dogs are natural empathic healers.  They know how to clear lower vibrations and stagnant energy to make room for healing.

meet emma

Therapy animals are conscious of your needs, and their natural abilities create a positive environment to assist you in your healing. Research supports that positive human-animal interactions improve a person's  physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Charlie and Emma Are therapy animals

Charlie is a tuxedo cat who takes distance healing seriously.  But don't let Charlie's tuxedo or his serious attitude towards distance energy work fool you.  Charlie is a laid back cat who is playful and friendly straight away.  

Charlie knows a bit about healing.  He himself suffered a chronic and debilitating health crisis that nearly cost him his life, but instead he lost all his teeth.  Cats are sensitive to energies and have the natural ability to transmute congested vibrations into organized and peaceful vibrations.  Charlie is no exception; in fact he is a master.  He loves to participate in distance healing sessions.  His favorite place is the center of the healing table where he assists in clearing, transforming, and amplifying the healing vibrations for deeper results. 

meet Charlie 

Since the beginning of time, humans and animals have shared a special and powerful bond.  It can been a source of solace and relief for those who have suffered from physical or emotional pain.  Research supports that time spent with a creature can instill calm on the central nervous system and thus, a person's state of mind.

Animals have been shown to help people who have experienced abuse or neglect, are recovering from addiction, are undergoing medical treatments, and those and their families who are struggling to cope with the effects of trauma. The biophilia hypothesis that supports animals in therapy suggests that our long-rooted relationship with animals implies a reciprocity in navigating the world. In other words, if we see animals at peace and behaving naturally it may signal to us safety, security, and feelings of well-being.  This is grounding, and may trigger trust that we too can safely exist.  This sense of security allows for healing to occur.

Charlie and Emma are on board at Attention To Living and willingly and eagerly work alongside Tami to facilitate this healing power.


Emma, at 35 pounds, is a small-sized Standard Poodle who is as smart as they come and not afraid to look you in the eye.  She is hypo-allergenic, gregarious, generous in affection, and eager to heal.  You will find Emma ready to work when you visit Tami in person at her Boulder office.  Of course, Emma understands if your preference is a session sans Emma.

Emma is well trained as a therapy dog and comes from a long line of service dogs.  Research conducted on animal assisted therapies shows significant improvements in pain, mood, and other distressful measures. Cardiopulmonary pressure, neurohormone level, and anxiety level were significantly reduced in studies of clients who attended an animal-assisted therapy session.  

Like Charlie, Emma loves energy healing.  At the table, she may run circles around you at the close of your session.  Regardless, she will support clearing and contribute to balancing the energies in your systems.  In the chair, you can look forward to Emma resting her chin on your leg to provide you with love and security during your session.

Cats seem to know how to intuitively utilize energy for the greatest good.