"I tell myself, "Trust yourself, you can do it."  - Annika Sorenstam​

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"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing."  Great words from the young Payne Stewart.​

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Record winning professional golfer Sam Snead once said, "Of all the hazards, fear is the worst."

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One of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve mental agility is through hypnosis.
Hypnosis is a powerful method for conditioning your subconscious mind for success on and off the course.  You are what you think you are. And if you think like a 20-handicap golfer it may be difficult to play like a 15-handicap golfer.  A trained hypnotist knows how to listen to what you think, ask the right questions to reveal what you believe, and implement new considerations for thinking that will inform internal physiology that supports behaviors for success. Thinking that supports a perfect round of golf produces a perfect round of golf.

You think between 40,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.  That is a lot of thinking and yet not all of those thoughts are productive; in fact, some are unhelpful.  Hypnosis address the relationship between your cognitive brain and your subconscious mind, making it easier to think the thoughts that are helpful and reduce your attention to any distractions.  Without greater awareness, your subconscious mind can gravitate mindlessly towards your most dominant thought.  If you are thinking hard about the fact that the golfer standing behind you is wrestling with the noisy wrapper of a stick of gum, your concentration is likely to attend to your gum chewing partner and not the shot at hand.  In other words, you will likely become unfocused in your pursuit of your best score. Whatever you hold in your cognitive brain, your subconscious mind accommodates. Positive, optimistic thinking produces your best results.  

But what if positive thinking doesn't seem to come natural to you?  What if you seem to be hardwired to give yourself a relentless hard time with a head full of negative self talk? Hypnosis is an excellent way to re-program your cognition. With helpful thoughts in your head based in wholesome beliefs about your competence, even your partner wrestling an alligator might not distract you from your focus on the perfect shot.​

a disciplined mind

       Learn the tricks of the professional trade:

  • Channeling Your Critical Voice - Sergio García
  • Golf Is Fun - Fred Couples
  • Maintain Perspective - Phil Mickelson
  • Maintain the Zone - Adam Scott
  • On Demand Focus - Tiger Woods
  • Play Like A Pro - Arnold Palmer
  • Pre-Shot Routines - Jason Day
  • Stay Present To The Game - Rory McIlroy
  • Thinking Less, Playing Well - Bubba Watson 
  • See It And Then Be It - Jack Nicklaus

How do you train your mind to reach the highest level of performance in the game of golf?  It might surprise you to learn that the mental game of golf requires relaxation.  It is a relaxed mental state that facilitates your best golf game. In a relaxed state it is easier to focus on what you want to do and remain less distracted by what you don't want to do.  Like physical fitness, mental fitness requires on-going practice and commitment to achieve superior shape.  With an expert in the workings of the brain and the unconscious mind, anyone can learn how to train their mind for greatness. Work with Tami and you can address the obstacles to your best golf game.

  • Inconsistent performance
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Lack of Focus 
  • Mental Pitfalls on the Golf Course
  • Negative Self-Talk on the Golf Course
  • Performance Anxiety 
  • Procrastination to Practice 
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs and Self-Sabotage 

Tami's approach to assisting you with playing your best golf is based on you and how you personally operate on the course.  She will listen carefully to you and learn how your brain performs in service to you and where changes in your neurology might support better brain function for your desired results.  In other words, she can help re-program your thinking so that what you think and what you do are congruent.  

With Tami, you can learn how to use your total mind to enhance certain aspects of your game, like your pre- and post- shot routines, swing and putting performance, and level of focus and concentration. You can discover tools to overcome negative emotions on the course, methods to break through habitual mental blocks, and strategies for regaining and redirecting focus.  You can increase your awareness of body language and other non-verbal communication that may illuminate potential distractions. Learning what triggers you into stress on the course and applying effective stress-coping skills based on the way your mind works will help you play your best golf.  

Understanding your mental hardwiring is an immediate game-changer that gives you a competitive edge. When you can focus on the things that matter, success can look like a leisurely walk on the course.  You make it look easy when you know how to communicate with yourself; success becomes much easier to achieve with mental training techniques that accelerate your learning process. Conscious assimilation of the new information will provide you good access to behavior that allows you to perform competently.  Such competence builds real confidence that helps establish neuro-pathways that re-wire your brain for long-term habits of peak performance.

Consistency, pace, and building momentum are keys to our success. Whether you feel insecure with your wedges or uncomfortable with your driver, or want to fine tune your pre-shot routine, increase your ability to effectively use visualization, or learn how to perform at the highest level without conscious effort, Tami can teach you how to use your mind to increase the quality of your game.  Growth work between sessions builds on the work in sessions and ensures that you are making lasting changes.

       Hypnosis for golf can improve:

  • Ability to Relax Into The Zone 
  • Ability to Visualize Shots and Putts
  • Focus, Concentration and Mental Agility
  • Mental Attitude and Increase Confidence
  • Performance Under Pressure
  • Propensities towards Adversity or Distraction 
  • Self-Talk and Thought Processes
  • Shifting Between a Bad Shot and the Next Shot
  • Swing Performance Consistency

"A strong mind separates the great from the good."  - Gary Player​

Hypnosis is not a mystery.  It is a communication process that utilizes naturally occurring brainwaves that accelerate the learning process. Hypnosis is rooted in the science of the mind, validated by medical and scientific devices, and proven effective in research studies.  A hypnotic state occurs when your brainwaves are slowed to between an alpha and a theta state.  This deep-to-deeply relaxed state allows you easy access to the subconscious and even the unconscious minds.  This is where you are programmed for competence.  When your brainwaves are slowed, the subconscious mind is more receptive to suggestions and ideas, or re-programming.  In an alpha or theta state, it is possible to change old limiting beliefs and to increase your access to your sense of confidence and memories of competence. Studies show that the when a high-performance athlete practices visualization in an alpha or theta brain state neuro-pathways are strengthened for success for the particular behavior in focus, regardless of the action actually taking place.

Imagining your perfect putt in the right brain state can mean replicating the perfect putt consciously on the course.  What would it be like to be on the course and have access to greater focus that produces greater agility and less attention to mindless distraction? 

In our first meeting we will meet, discuss your goals, the obstacles to your success, and begin exercises to train your mind for peak performance.  Meetings after that will be tailored to your goals and needs for meeting those goals.  All meeting will include hypnosis and mind training.  Growth work between sessions will assure your good understanding of the tools and provide you the competence you want to use them easily and efficiently on the course.  

Meetings can take place in Tami's office just steps from the beautiful Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado, or online using Zoom conferencing service. Online sessions are convenient and user-friendly.  In Boulder, Tami can meet you on the course to see you in action. In vivo can be the perfect place to gather live information about your game, your approach to the game, and help you practice techniques for improved competence.  Regardless of the setting, Tami can help you play the way you want to play.  

Sessions with Tami are conducted and billed in 6 golf psychology sessions packs, scheduled to your convenience.  The first session includes a two-hour intake.  Sessions thereafter are 1.5 hours in duration.  Sessions can be conducted in person or from distance via the Internet. Additional time is available in 30-minute add-on increments. All golf psychology sessions include hypnosis, are private and personalized to your unique mental hardwiring, and tailored to your specific goals and needs. They are designed to help you make immediate and lasting improvements in areas of your game want to improve. 

"Golf is easier if you trust your instincts. It's too hard a game to try and play like someone else."  - Nancy Lopez

​Meet in-person ​​in the Boulder, Longmont, Denver Colorado area, or virtually from anywhere in the world for psychotherapy, coaching and hypnosis for trauma resolution and performance. 

Golf is a head game.  It is said that 90 percent of the game is played in the space between your ears. Although most golfers are familiar with this adage, most have never been taught how to develop their minds for peak performance.  You may have invested a considerable amount of time and money into your golf game -- the best clubs, lessons on technique and form, and the right clothes and shoes for improved performance -- but if 90% of the game is played in your head now might be the right time to invest in a trained mind.  It might be time to invest in the psychology of golf, the mental game. 

The best golfers, along with high-performance athletes and high-powered executives, are familiar with the rigors of training a mind for greatness and, although these folks are a small sector of the population, this knowledge and the application of it can be available to everyone.  Great golfers have had their share of time talking about visualization and getting into the zone of performance.  While you may be aware of some of these mental training techniques, you may still feel left in the dark about how they are best utilized. 

Golf psychology is the key to overcome mental blocks to success, end self-sabotage, eliminate negative beliefs and self-talk, and establish a positive psychological mindset for productive behavior. ​

"Golf is a game of emotion and adjustment. If you're not aware of what's happening to your mind and your body when you're playing, you'll never be able to be the very best you can be."  - Jack Nicklaus