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You can remain as anonymous as you like or let your voice be heard loudly.  Workshops are opportunities for intensive work that includes education and practice.  Often direct access to Tami is included as well as group feedback and discussion.  You can remain as anonymous as you like or let your voice be heard loudly.  

Expect to receive extensive information alongside opportunities for practical use.  Participate in vitro or at your own pace, either way participate online from the comfort of your own home.  You can remain as anonymous as you like or let your voice be heard loudly.  

  • The Initial Intake Session is up to 1.75 hours and includes history taking and dynamic work.
  • Sessions following the Initial Intake up to 1.5  hours.  
  • Some clients prefer longer sessions, especially around issues of trauma.  Additional time is available in 30 minutes increments.
            1 hour group session $40
            6 pre-paid group sessions $220

            1-1.5 hour group session $40
That stacks up to a lot of opportunity to heal and take charge of your life.  The more ways you can see something, the more of it you can see.  The more of it you see, the more information you have.  Information is powerful.  Greater understanding is often the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  It is your life.  It is okay to live wisely.

​​Meet in-person ​​in the Boulder, Longmont, Denver Colorado area, or virtually from anywhere for psychotherapy, coaching and hypnosis for anxiety, addictions, performance and pain. 

workshops & classes 

Fast Track Sessions are designed for very targeted work and accomplished over a six week period with an increase in frequency and duration.  As all work does, they utilize many dynamic modalities.  Fast Track Sessions are especially good for performance issues, pain management, and within the process of addiction and trauma work.  These sessions are packaged and may be tailored to your specific needs.  

fast track sessions

Fast Track Session Packages include:

  • 4 sessions up to 2 hours, 
  • 2 sessions up to 1.5 hours, and 
  • 2 sessions up to 30 minutes.  

Group Sessions are a good introduction to working with Tami, a wonderful compliment to individual work and a good means for maintenance.  Group Sessions are currently offered on-line utilizing Zoom.  Zoom is an easy to use online interface for video meetings.

Sometimes a change you are facing is all encompassing and literally affects all aspects of your mind, body and spirit daily. Understanding the physical, emotional, and mental workings of such processes with support can be very helpful in accomplishing your change gracefully.

Individual Sessions consist of more than traditional talk therapy. They are dynamic, meaning that they employ several treatment modalities designed for activity, change, and progress.  Sessions are stimulating to the brain and provide the foundation, education, and practices to change nuero-pathways, as well as provide improved physiological responses. This means greater clarity in thinking while feeling centered and calm.  

The 30 minute sessions can be utilized for Energy Medicine work to provide deep relaxation and healing of the central nervous system.   

Intensive learning for individuals

sessions for Individuals, intensives , Fast Track, group And workshops.