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Meet in-person ​​in the Boulder, Longmont, Denver Colorado area, or virtually from anywhere in the world for psychotherapy, coaching and hypnosis for trauma resolution and performance. 


Boulder psychotherapist, Tami Boehle-Satterfield, MSW, LCSW-C, NBCCH, HTP, and member of Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology,  is a licensed professional psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master, practitioner of Healing Touch energy medicine, and sound and color healing.  Tami also volunteers in Boulder, running groups and as a on-call crisis counselor for MESA - Moving to End Sexual Assault.

Her philosophy for treatment is rooted in Deep Ecology, an ecological and environmental philosophy that advocates the inherent worth of living beings from micro through macro levels of living.  This means deeper healing, greater access to opportunities, and a wider breadth of influence in your life. This outlook to treatment brings your attention to cellular, familiar, interpersonal, community, global and spiritual issues across the grid and timeline of your life.  Work with Tami will teach you how to make the changes you want at all levels of your life.

Tami practices therapy from a solution-oriented approach called Attention to LivingTherapy alongside clairsentience process coaching.  She utilizes many treatment techniques that facilitate shifts to increase motivation, creativity, and self-confidence. Tami's unique approach and practices embrace your inherent worth and community value regardless of what you might believe is your instrumental utility within our culture.  This framework advocates for restructuring  the way you think and believe in order that new thinking and believing can support greater satisfaction and abundance of health at micro through macro levels of living.

Her training includes: Applied Psycho Neurobiology, Death And Dying Theory, EFT, EMDR, Energy Psychology, Holotropic State Work, Hypnotherapy for Trauma, Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Rebirthing Breathwork, Somatic Imagery, and Hypnotherapy for Trauma Resolution. She offers therapy for adults, adolescents, couple's, and families .  

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Tami specializes in hypnotherapy for trauma resolution; including anxiety, abuse recovery, grief resolution, improved performance, manifesting Purpose, and sexual trauma. 

As a certified Ericksonian Hypnotist and Master Practitioner of Neurolingusitic Programming Carson specializes in hypnotherapy and coaching for anxiety, birthing and medical procedure preparation and recovery, end of life work, grief resolution, improved performance, major life transitions, and trauma resolution. 

Sessions offer hypnotherapy and a multitude of modalities tailored for your needs. Meet in the beautiful Louisville offices or from the comfort and convenience of your own home via the phone or video conferencing.

Carson O'Keeffe Satterfield, BA, NBCCH, is an Ericksonian Hypnotist, Transformational Coach, and soon-to-be Certified Life Coach and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. She is trained in Reiki, Healing Touch Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), ATL Trauma Therapy, and sound healing. In her free time, she volunteers with Trailwinds Hospice, providing comfort to dying patients throughout Boulder county.

Carson practices from a solution-oriented approach to support clients in achieving their goals. She believes that self-confidence and self-trust are paramount to feeling safe, secure, and competent in the world and therefore tailors treatment to each client’s specific needs. Utilizing dynamic modalities, Carson assists clients in healing from the life’s extraordinary and everyday losses as well as identifying opportunities for growth and change. 

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